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Benefits of the P.R.P. Designation

  • Unlike other professional designations available to financial planners, the P.R.P. demonstrates a specialization in retirement planning
  • For a lifestyle planner, the designation demonstrates a commitment to professional standards in retirement planning
  • The P.R.P. designation assures the public that the bearer has met, and maintains a high level of education, experience, commitment to a holistic approach to retirement planning and adheres to RPAC's Code of Ethics

Guidelines for Registration as a
Professional Retirement Planner (P.R.P.)

The Retirement Planning Association of Canada (RPAC) is a national organization incorporated under the laws of Canada as a non-profit professional association. It consists of provincial Chapters and its members are committed to holistic retirement planning. It is governed by a national Board of Directors composed of provincial representatives and an executive committee. The Retirement Planning Association of Canada maintains a national registry of Professional Retirement Planners.

Those who wish to apply must demonstrate:


  • a willingness to submit their credentials for review by a committee of peers;
  • a desire to pursue continuing education and personal development
  • a commitment to RPAC
  • a commitment to professional conduct; and
  • a desire to further develop the field of retirement planning according to the purpose and objectives of the Retirement Planning Association of Canada.

Upon submission of a written application and review, the P.R.P. Standing Committee may grant the designation Professional Retirement Planner (P.R.P.)

Registration of an individual as a P.R.P. involves three important steps:


  • Attendance at the P.R.P. Workshop, or the internet based workshop
  • An approved application for registration
  • Annual renewal of the designation based on ongoing professional development activity

Registration acknowledges to the public that the individual is practicing at a high level of competence and is committed personally to on-going professional development in the field of retirement planning.

Who May Apply
The application for registration is open to any member in good standing of the Retirement Planning Association of Canada.

How to Register

  1. Become a member of RPAC.
  2. Either attend the P.R.P. Workshop (held in conjunction with our annual conference), or take the online workshop.
  3. Submit a formal Application for Registration as a Professional Retirement Planner.   You must apply within 2 years of taking the workshop.
  • Fees

    The RPAC membership fee is currently $165.00 (+GST/HST) for individuals.  Print off the application form on our Becoming a Member page.

    The P.R.P. Workshop and P.R.P. application fee is $375.00 (+GST/HST).

    The Annual Renewal Fee is $75.00(+GST/HST).


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    Minimum Criteria

    High school education plus relevant post-secondary education

    Experience Personal
    contact with mid to late life adults for a minimum of two years

    Related Work
    Evidence of retirement planning experience such as: Consulting Advising, Managing, Counseling, Facilitating, and Training.

    Professional Development
    Evidence of new learning in the past year such as Courses, Workshops, Reading, Writing/Research, Contribution to RPAC

    NOTE: In the absence of any of these minimum requirements, a candidate may present to the committee evidence of equivalent learning or experience.

    Submission to:
    The application form, appropriate fee and accompanying documentation should be submitted to:

    Retirement Planning Association of Canada
    108 Avenue Des Saules
    Gatineau, QC J9J 1S2

    Confidentiality of Application
    Information received with your application will be treated confidentially. No information will be released without prior approval of the registrant.


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    Guidelines for
    Completing the Application Form

    It is your obligation to complete the application form correctly and professionally. The National Administrator has been instructed to return any application form that is not complete

    Part A - Personal Information

    Membership: If you are not currently a member of the Retirement Planning Association of Canada, please submit a membership form to the national office. An RPAC application form is available on the website. Note: If you wish, you may enclose an RPAC membership form and fees with your application.

    The Committee will not proceed with the review of the application without confirmation of membership.

    Part B - Professional Information

    Licensing and Educational designations: If you have stated credentials for licensing in any capacity, please give particulars.

    Disciplinary Procedures: Disciplinary actions will not necessarily jeopardize your application but the committee needs to know the nature of the proceedings and any outcome.

    Employer Details: Please provide details of your current position.

    Your Personal Perspective: You are asked to complete and attach a summary of your personal perspective on retirement planning.

    Part D - Sponsors

    Your sponsors will be asked to evaluate your ability to practice as a professional retirement planner. Please ensure that at least one sponsor can attest to your practice skills.

    The committee asks that if possible, one of your sponsors be a current member of RPAC. The purpose of this is to help you connect immediately with other members in the Association.

    Other sponsors can include peers, colleagues, employers or clients.

    You will then send the sponsor letter to each of your sponsors. This letter is attached to the application form. Your sponsor will send his/her letter directly to the national office. If any sponsor fails to act on your behalf, you will be contacted to provide an alternate name.

    Part E - Declaration

    The declaration asks you to certify, agree and acknowledge your awareness and understanding of the process of declaring yourself as a professional.


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    The Approval Process

    Acceptance indicates that the Committee has found the applicant to have:

    • activity in the field of retirement planning
    • ethical practice
    • appropriate role expectations
    • accurate application
    • complete information


    Notification of the status of your registration will be forwarded to you in writing. The committee will respond to applications by issuing a letter of:


    • acceptance
    • conditional acceptance, or
    • non-acceptance, with rationale.


    In the event the applicant wishes to appeal conditional acceptance or non-acceptance, the following procedures will be required:


    1. A letter addressed to the National Administrator with reasons.
    2. The application will be reviewed by a three member panel drawn from the Board of Directors, not including any member of the P.R.P. Standing Committee.


    The panel will make an independent and final decision regarding the application. Notification of the decision with reasons will be given directly by the panel.

    Once your application has been approved your name will be registered in a national registry of Professional Retirement Planners on the RPAC Web Site.

    A certificate will be issued permitting successful applicants to use the designation, Professional Retirement Planner (P.R.P.)

    A P.R.P. nametag will be sent with your acceptance package.

    The Board of Directors may provide additional recognition at their pleasure.

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    Annual Renewal of the Designation

    To maintain the designation, Professional Retirement Planners will be required to renew their designation annually. This will entail reporting on professional development activity during each calendar year. The National Office will send out in late fall the Application for Renewal and the process will be completed by the end of January in the following year.

    At least 8 credits must be from our organization. As stated earlier, one of the conditions of maintaining your designation is commitment to RPAC.

    Current RPAC membership plus a minimum of 30 professional development credits are required for approval of the renewal application. Some of the categories of activity that qualify are:

    • RPAC conference attendance
    • Regional RPAC meeting attendance
    • Other related conferences/workshops
    • Professional reading in area of specialty
    • Workshop or conference presentations
    • Continuing education courses - completed
    • Volunteer executive/leadership positions
    • Research and program development
    • Published material
    • Reading
    • Internet Learning


    RPAC related Events Non-RPAC events
    Activity/Event Credits Activity/Event Credits
    RPAC Annual Conference 15 Non-RPAC Conference 4 per event Maximum 12
    RPAC Chapter Education Day or Workshop 5 per event Maximum 15 Non-RPAC Education Day (full day) 3 per event Maximum 9
    RPAC Chapter 'half day' event 3 per event Maximum 15 Non-RPAC half day Education day 2 per event Maximum 8
    RPAC Committee Meeting 2 / meeting Maximum 8 Non-RPAC meeting in retirement related organization 1 per
    E-learning ** See details below. 4/ case study Maximum 8 Internet learning 1 per course Maximum 10
    RPAC research 3 per project Maximum 12 Retirement Research 2 per project Maximum 6
    RPAC Program Design and development 3 / program Maximum 12 Retirement Program Design and development 2 / program Maximum 6
    RPAC Presentation National or Provincial 3 each Maximum 12 Retirement Presentation to clients 2 each Maximum 6
    RPAC Published Writing 2 per article Maximum 10 Retirement published writing 2 per article Maximum 6
        Professional Reading Title/Author 1 per title Maximum 10
    RPAC Chapter Position   Non-RPAC Position  
    President, VP, Secretary or Treasurer 6 Executive Committee position 2 per position Maximum 6
    Program Chair 6    
    Other Position 4    
    RPAC National Position      
    President, Past President, VP, Secretary or Treasurer 8    
    P.R.P. Standing Committee 6    

    ** The e-learning course is intended for P.R.P.'s who would have difficulty obtaining the 8 RPAC credits. This allows you to do an on-line case study. It takes a minimum of 2 hours, and your case study must be submitted with your renewal form. If you are interested, each case study requires you to purchase a 'key' for $85.00 (plus GST/HST). Email info@retirementplanners.ca if you want to purchase a key.

    Click here for PDF of the P.R.P. Application Form